What is the main difference between the Equi-Ciser™ and the Hot Walker?

The most important difference between the Equi-Ciser™ and the Hot Walker is that the Equi-Ciser™ allows for unrestrained movement. Unlike the Hot Walker, the horses are moving free between the gates - no more pulling and counter pulling, resulting in less stress on neck, back and legs. This freedom of movement allows exercising in its natural state, including suppling, bending and lengthening of the muscular system, which reduces the potential for serious, damaging injuries. In addition, the Equi-Ciser™'s variable speed control, including reverse, allows stress-free safe movements in all gaits - walk, trot or canter.

What standards set the Equi-Ciser™ apart from other horse exercisers?

The North American market for horse exercisers is largely unregulated. Therefore, most horse exerciser products have no standards from which to follow. The Equi-Ciser™ is built to European standards, ensuring the product's quality surpasses the competition's.

How does Equi-Line Mfg ensure safety standards in the equipment they produce?

Equi-Line Mfg has the highest safety standards in the industry. All of the company's products are engineered by horse professionals. The Equi-Ciser™ has a proven track record-accident free.

What level of service does Equi-Line Mfg provide for its customers?

Equi-Line Mfg has been designing and manufacturing horse exercise equipment for over 25 years. Our customer service centre is available to meet your emergency need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, Equi-Line Mfg provides top-level after sale service to ensure that your Equi-Ciser™ and other Equi-Line Mfg products run smoothly for many years to come.

What warrantees are available for the Equi-Ciser™?

Because of its uncompromising quality Equi-Line Mfg is proud to offer the BEST WARRANTY in the industry,

- 10 years on steel structure
- 2 years on power train & ball bearing
- 2 year limited warranty on control panel & electrical components

- 5 years on steel structure
- 2 years on power train & ball bearing (3 year optional warranty available)
- 2 year limited warranty on control panel & electrical components

How does the Equi-Ciser™ aid in training horses?

Using the Equi-Ciser™ on weanlings, the horses learn to stay calm and confident so that they use their mind without fear, allowing the trainer to slowly acquaint them with tack and other training tools. Therefore, actual riding during training and conditioning can be reduced in adult horses. Consider the saying: "You can't Wreck'm if you don't Ride'm!"

How can the Equi-Ciser™ aid in conditioning horses?

The consistent use of the Equi-Ciser™ guarantees a conditioning program that can be tailored to every animal's needs without fear of injuries. Heart rate, respiratory problems and conditioning progress can easily be monitored. In addition, the Equi-Ciser™ can keep stallions in shape for breeding season. Due to its structural design, the Equi-Ciser™ makes it possible to exercise more than one stallion at the same time by leaving every second stall empty. Instead of having an empty stall you can also put an experienced gelding in this space. Broodmares using the Equi-Ciser™ show overall good health and increased physical fitness prior to foaling. Four weeks after the foal is born, exercise is necessary for the mare and the foal. With the exerciser the foal is able to join the mother for a walk (only). A few weeks later a trot can be introduced to the exercise program. After separation from its mother the foal is already familiar with the Equi-Ciser™, which will facilitate the foal's future training and conditioning program. Using the Equi-Ciser™ gives the horse owner excellent opportunity to prepare horses for sale.

Can the Equi-Ciser™ be used for rehabilitating horses?

The Equi-Ciser™ provides the opportunity of controlled rehabilitation in a range of motion and work intensity, which ensures that the horse receives the best overall care. At the same time, rehabilitation using the Equi-Ciser™ saves cost through reduced labour expenses.

How does the Equi-Ciser™ aid in ponying race horses?

The Equi-Ciser™'s structure ensures correct forward motion with less stress on tendons or the development of the wrong muscle groups experienced during ponying by going sideways. Using the Equi-Ciser™ for training is also safer, because horses are not getting away from their handlers and are not exposed to loose horses on track. The track is less crowded, therefore less cost for track maintenance. Horses can also be exercised for longer periods, than being exercised generally by the pony rider.

What other day-to-day uses does the Equi-Ciser™ have?

The Equi-Ciser™ can be used in the daily training and riding of your horses through the following:

  • Warm-up: The Equi-Ciser™ offers a calm and efficient warm-up before scheduled training.
  • Cool-out: Using the Equi-Ciser™ reduces traffic in the arena, while increasing Safety. With proper use after heavy training or competition, muscle soreness (cramping) is reduced more rapidly and efficiently.
  • Lay-ups: During lay-up time, horses can be kept exercised and in condition.
How does investment in an Equi-Ciser™ translate to cost savings for the horse owner?

Nothing is more important to the physical well being of horses than regular exercise and it becomes even more important when there is a significant sum of money invested in the animal. Regular exercise of a horse is a labour intensive process that can be made much more efficient through the use of the Equi-Ciser™, a multi-horse exerciser that allows one person to supervise the exercise of many horses instead of one person exercising one horse. There is a tremendous labour cost savings to the horse owners, being able to warm-up, exercise/train, condition and cool-out multiple horses at the same time. In addition, because of increased safety in the arena and in the barn areas, a possible insurance reduction could be negotiated.