A healthy horse is a healthy investment

The physical performance of an equine athlete has a direct relation to its market value. A high level of physical health is vital for maintaining the value of today’s equine athletes. Nowhere is this better understood than at Equi-Line Mfg. With over 30 years experience, Equi-Line Mfg is a global leader in the equine training equipment industry. Equi-Line Mfg understands the relationship between horse value and physical conditioning.

Equi-Line Mfg grabbed the attention of the equine training equipment field in North America in 1993 with the innovative Equi-Ciser™. The Equi-Ciser™ was the first “free run horse exerciser” ever manufactured in North America. Attempts to copy the Equi-Ciser™ have been made but there is only one Equi-Ciser™. Internationally the Equi-Line Mfg name is synonymous with quality.

All Equi-Line Mfg equipment is backed by their commitment to Safety, Service and Standards. This commitment is the driving force behind Equi-Line Mfg and not provided anywhere else in the industry. Equi-Line Mfg is a true leader in equine training.