On Site Preparations NX Series

Concrete Pad

Size 6′ x 6′ (1.80m x 1.80m), depth depending on local frost line.

Center Pole Option

If unit has the centre pole building support option, do not install the electrical conduit through the centre of the concrete pad. Looking from the gate to the front of the concrete pad, the power supply should be on the front right side of the concrete pad (about 18″ off centre).

Outside Fence

Design at customers discretion. However, Equi-Line Mfg suggests that the first 4′ (1.22m) from the ground are closed- in solid (kick boards, conveyor belt, etc.) The measurements outlined in the enclosed layout drawing is the closest distance between the centre and the fence line (measured in the centre of the board between the posts). Post spacing should be 8′ to 10′ (2.44m to 3.10m).

Entrance Gate

The gate should be hinged on the left and be approx. 6′ (1.80m) wide for safe loading and unloading of horses.

Power Supply

Single phase 230 volt.

Sprinkler System

Install “Multi Pressure ” (200PSI) hose to centre of concrete pad through a 2″ conduit. Let approx. 3′ of hose stick out of pad. Install in-line water filter onto water source to protect seals in sprinkler rotary (Sprinkler system is not available with centre pole option).

Outside / Inside

If machine is purchased with a fence panel system the ground has to be prepared accordingly. Using outside panels the diameter of the footing preparation in exercise area will be 4′ (1.20 m) wider. As an example, for a machine 66′ (20 m) in dia. your ground preparation will be 70′ (21.30 m) in diameter. For the inside fence the ground preparation will be 16′ (4.90 m) smaller than the machine diameter.


Control Panel

Control panel should be mounted on the right side of the entrance gate. A cover over the panel for direct sun and/or rain protection is recommended. If dust is a factor, the control panel MUST be installed in a separate housing (Bird House).