Technical Specification NX Series

The EQUI-CISER is available in standard sizes from 43′ (13 m) to 120′ (36 m) in diameter (custom sizes are available by request) and from 3 to 10 horses capacity per machine.

The EQUI-CISER is built by Equi-Line Mfg based on the original concept and design from Germany. Our uncompromising quality and implementation of the highest safety standards elevated Equi-Line Mfg to the top in the industry.

Main Steel Structure
  • Most modern & maintenance free structural design. The main steel structure is built from 9 to 12 gauge (2 to 3.5 mm) steel tubing and hot-dip galvanized after fabrication for long lasting durability (no painting or powder coating necessary).
  • Large 8 inch (203 mm) centre rotary which can accommodate centre pole for roof structure.
  • Large heavy duty 41 inch (1050 mm), 11,000 lbs (5000 KG) ball bearing to ensure smooth running.
  • Total height of units up to Model NX 625 is only 7’9″ (2.36 m). Model NX 6-1030 and NX 836 are 12′ (3.65 m) high.
  • As an example, our most popular exercisers are Models NX 620 and NX 622 (6 horse, 66′ to 72′ / 20 m to 22 m diameter) including Walk-A-Long inside fence. The weights are 3,000 lbs (1,360 KG) to 3,300 lbs (1,500 KG).

The arms are built in one solid piece to ensure stability. They are also adjustable in length to accommodate variations in size.


The gates are 7′ (2.13 m) wide and 5′ (1.50 m) high, therefore the exercise area is minimum 8′ (2.44 m) wide, leaving ample room for the horses to turn around safely. The upper part of the gate is made from heavy duty chain link 3′ (0.93 m) high. The rubber flap on the lower gate is for the horses leg protection and is 2′ high. The advantage of flexible gates is obvious. The impact of a horse kicking a flexible gate is less than 50% of that if he kicks a solid frame, therefore injuries are virtually eliminated. These gates are designed to be safe and effective as well as eye appealing.

The gates can be electrified by an electric fence energizer which can be switched ON or OFF on the control panel. Energizer is 110 volt and is standard equipment. Wiring is included and there is no battery that needs to be re-charged.

Walk-A-Long Inside Fence

The Walk-A-Long inside fence is designed to save cost and time for the customer by not having to set up an solid inside fence structure. This method is ideal for adult horses. The fence system is mounted onto the arms and is turning with the exerciser. Space for horses is increased by 35%. This fencing is made of three (3) strands of polymer fencing and one (1) strand 1-1/2″ (40 mm) special electric fence tape with high conductivity. The electric tape is connected to the energizer as well.

For young horses (sales prep & training) solid inside and outside fencing is recommended (see EX Fence Panel Systems by Equi-Line Mfg).

Power Train

The EQUI-CISER is driven by a heavy duty A80 chain drive to ensure smooth operation of the exerciser.Powered by 2 HP, 3 HP and /or 5 HP AC inline gear motor 230V (HP of gear motor vary with model).

VFD Control Panel

Standard control panel includes: Variable speed, digital read out, load/unload function, electric fencer, automatic reverse feature, manual forward/reverse. It is CSA/UL approved and rated for outdoor use. A line of optional features for control panel is also available.


Equi-Line Mfg recommends supervised installation for all NX-Series models by its trained technicians.


Because of its uncompromising quality Equi-Line Mfg is proud to offer the BEST WARRANTY in the industry:

  • 10 years on steel structure.
  • 2 years on power train & ball bearing (3 year optional warranty available).
  • 2 year limited warranty on control panel & electrical components.